My Approach & Style

My Approach and Style

Based in Billericay means I am ideally located to cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey & Hertfordshire. However, I can be commissioned to be your wedding photographer all over the UK and abroad if required.I would say that my wedding photography style is documentary as I observe and remain in the background. I anticipate and capture moments as they happen naturally.
The goal is to create a story of your day through images so that when you look back you are reminded not only of the visual details but also how you felt.
From the moment I arrive to the moment I leave I am working away in the background photographing all the small details that you spent ages deciding upon. The table decorations, the lighting, the seating plans. I photograph everything that forms part of you day.
And lets not forget the guests of course. I mingle, laugh, joke and chat away trying to blend in so that people are comfortable and natural.When it comes to the couples portraits I tend to guide you. My wedding photography style is about subtlety.
I prefer the term ‘guide’ as opposed to ‘pose’ as I want you to feel relaxed and have fun with each other as opposed to being camera aware and told what to do.
By choosing the location within your venue, or moving you into the best light or by finding a complimentary background I subtly guide you to ensure its natural, beautiful yet creative wedding photography.
I promise you I won’t ask you to say cheese!
I want you to be yourselves, relax, have fun and enjoy what is a truly special day with family and friends.
If you want to know more about my style or my kit feel free to get in touch for a chat.




  • I photograph your day unobtrusively
  • I watch, wait and capture moments in between moments.
  • During the portraits I guide you into good light, and allow you to relax and be yourselves
  • I capture images with emotion
  • I capture images of your guests being themselves
  • Natural Images


  • Hundreds of group shots (Its much more fun for you to be socialising with your guests)
  • Tell you to look at the camera
  • Get you to say Cheese
  • Order your guests around
  • Take over

Be Brave, Have Fun, Create Art

I draw my inspiration from you, from your love for each other and from your wedding day. It’s that inspiration that allows us to create the images you deserve. If you are willing to experiment and go with the moment then we can create some wonderful images.

If you have a super strict schedule and a large traditional shot list then this will limit the creative freedom that is needed to capture the moments, to capture you, to capture the story of you and your day.

If you see your portrait time with me as a time to spend with each other reflecting together on the day, being right there in the moment, away from the frenetic activity of the party, a quiet time to enjoy one another then this is perfect, and will allow me to create the images that you will treasure forever and that will be handed down for years to come. If this resonates with you and you are the couple that want to be brave, have fun & create Art then you are in the right place.